“To establish true connect and empower every student in India, Roboiotics is a dynamic enterprise which strives to bridge the gap between the intimidating industry and the fervent student.”

Our Mission

In India, the disconnect between the industry and the student is the primary factor in retarding the pace of growth of young talent, we believe that every bright-eyed student out in the crowd deserves the best of opportunities and the right set of circumstances to learn and perform as efficiently as possible. To further this conviction we emphasize the overall skill development of the school and college-going students, bring a practical approach towards learning through industry-relevant technical projects based on Robotics and IoT while also incorporating research-based projects on social problem statements.



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Our Team

At roboiotics, We are a modest group of highly passionate and adept individuals who believe that technological innovation is the forefront of human progress, We are faithful that our experiential knowledge will transform the future leaders of the vanguard of technological ascendancy.

Our Partners