Why Projects

Many students (including me) are in continuous search of something to do in the field of technology and develop skills to do something great in life and make the world a better place for everyone. OMG !!! it sounds too good. But are you actually sharpening your skills and critical thinking ?? When I was in my first year, I was a noob in the field of technology especially computer science (because I chose it for the next 4 years). Having experience of C++ in class 11th and 12th helped me a lot, actually, it helped a lot because most of the starting concepts of programming were in C in the college. But as I got to know about my seniors and their achievements, BOOM!! I explored many things such as Android Development, Machine Learning, Python Programming, etc. But only 20% gets retained in my mind. I think this is one of the major problems faced by many of us at the start of our journey.

We keep on learning new technology and boast it on the resume. But we aren’t learning something to solve some problems on our own such as: How will you optimize this code ?? or Will it be able to handle the exception?? or you just copied the code from Github, Huh because you can’t understand it yourself !!! If you want to do real coding and understand the underlying concepts of everything, you need to invest your time in building projects.

As said “Practice makes a man perfect”

Projects help us in retaining the concepts. Projects can be done ranging from Small scale (1-week project) to large scale (6 months to 1 year). Projects help you to understand the real world issues, Hacks, implementation and higher critical things of problems you will deal in future, in short, you will gain experience. And as you gain experience the more powerful you become.

So, Why am I writing this?? because I am going to publish series articles in future regarding projects mostly in python, which you can do during your peace time and develop skills at it’s best.

Why Python?

Python is a simple but very powerful programming language. You can do literally anything with python such as Data Science, Machine Learning, API Development, Web Development, Computer Vision, Automation, Robotics, etc. Yes, you can perform all this with python. Python is everywhere Google uses it, dropbox use it. Youtube, Instagram, and Spotify have a python as backend. Python is the fastest growing language and one of the most loved language.

And, as a beginner, you can perform all tasks and projects very easily because it is easy to read and understand. I think it is the best language for beginners.

Future Posts

I will be posting multiple articles in the future regarding different projects with all the instructions and necessities. I will be performing the projects in parallel with you (because I am also learning something new). All the code will be available in my GitHub id: https://github.com/Akash16s.

But, You need to have some understanding of python and other programming stuff. I will not be teaching you python here learn it by yourself 😊.

Best books for learning Python: Learn Python the hard way by Zed Shaw Automating the boring stuff with python by Al Sweigart

Online Tutorials: You can find an enormous amount of online tutorials. example: Sentdex Python3 Tutorial Telusko Learning Creating a virtual environment: [Link] Much needed in professional life.

Thanks, See you in the next post. Have a great day😊.

Note: I am new to writing articles and explaining stuff, so please support me in the same and comment on your suggestions below because it really matters a lot to me

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