Roboiotics is a dynamic enterprise that strives to bridge the gap between intimidating industry and passionate students.

We are having an industrial-based training in Python starting from
9th August 2021

Our Mission

In India, the disconnect between the industry and the student is the primary factor in retarding the pace of growth of young talent, we believe that every bright-eyed student out in the crowd deserves the best of opportunities and the right set of circumstances to learn and perform as efficiently as possible. To further this conviction we emphasize the overall skill development of the school and college-going students, bring a practical approach towards learning through industry-relevant technical projects based on Robotics and IoT while also incorporating research-based projects on social problem statements.

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What Our Students Have To Say About Us

Great initiative! Teaching their students from scratch and helping them to advance. All the teachers have great teaching ability and with their unique teaching techniques, students are able to build a strong foundation. I highly recommend it.

Deepak Kataria

Their course is so recommended to anyone who wants to learn python. The instructor taught me several important things even experts fail to deliver. He also taught so many different ways and how to tackle some interview questions. Very thorough and easy to understand. The instructor was amazing.

Ayush Gupta

Taught with patience to handle every of mine question . The content provided is very good. All the best for future.

Charanjeet Singh

Its awesome. Loved the way of teaching and knowledge imparted. It is truly one of the best experience.

Rahul Dass


Roboiotics Services is a Delhi – based enterprise that conducts specialized training for school and college-going students across India, with a mission “To establish true connect and empower every student in India”

In the market today, No organization provides extensive support as we do in various forms like long term mentorship, internship opportunities, periodic evaluations, platform to discuss doubts and queries.

Roboiotics offers a wide range of courses ranging from programming in various languages like C/C++, Java, Python etc to subjects like ML, AI, Embedded systems, Robotics among many more. 

We, at Roboiotics, continue to offer support just as actively even after training is completed, we provide support in many forms like:

  • Long-Term Mentorship
  • Periodic Skill Evaluations
  • Online Discussion Platforms
  • Internship & Letter of Recommendation
  • Technical Competition Guidance
  • Verified Certificate of Course completion

We provide Additional Benefits for Interested college/school bodies in various forms like:

  • National Level Competitions for students at the institute
  • Digital Marketing for sessions at the institute
  • Awards/Appreciation letter for Recognition
  • Offline promotion and Reputation Building

Interested parties can approach us using the contact info provided below:

E-mail us at:

  • info@roboiotics.com
  • contact@roboiotics.com

For detailed information you can contact us at info@roboiotics.com. You can also visit About Page on our website.